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Tipi activities may include: A Native American telling traditional and current stories, "Sacred Dog" (a lesson about the horse and the importance to the Native Americans), artifacts and history, walking the grounds and identifying plants and what they were used for by the Native Americans, the meaning of the Medicine Wheel, tool making, drumming, dream catchers, tanning hides, importance of mother earth to the Nations and music. (Activities in the different Tipis vary depending on the Native American we have on the day of your field trip.)

$10.00 per person (teachers exempt) for a memorable experience.

This is an outdoor event, however, if mother nature rains or snows on the day of the event, we do have the option of moving it into our indoor barn.

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Great for classes of all ages

$8 per head / $240 minimum

(Weekdays only)

Step into the ol’ west.  Come enjoy a morning or afternoon in our private western town picnic area, which includes volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, western town, tipis, antique farm equipment, playground, fishing pond, and campfire pits.  Bring your picnic, wood, camp-sticks, and more.  Design your own western outdoor  experience.  Play games, roast marshmallows over a camp fire, do art and crafts, the possibilities are endless.

Hayrides rumble down a peaceful, secluded.   The wagons are drawn by large lovable draft horses through beautiful Chatfield State Park.  Load and disembark within our secluded picnic area located behind the working-stable.  Our grounds easily adapt to small and large groups with ample parking buses. 

The perfect "Culmination Day" field trip to conclude the

study of Native Americans: Past and Present

Stocktonʼs Native American Field Trips  are taught by Native Americans from various tribes such as Apache, Zuni, Cree and Lakota.  Learn the ways of the Native American culture in this once in a life time opportunity.   There will be drumming, chanting, flute playing, traditional artifacts, Native games / activities, stories, history, and cultural lessons.  This is an all outdoors event which takes place in Stockton's Plum Creek Stables secluded picnic area which has tipi's, and a western town. 

Native American Speaker

Horses for the "Sacred Dog" teaching

Authentic Tipis

Private, secluded grounds, close to town

This field trip combined with the class room study meets the Alignment of Standards to the Native Americans: Past and Present unit of study. History Standard 2, 3; Language Arts Standard 3, 4, 5, 6, 7; Science Standard 5; Geography Standard 1, 2, 3; Visual Arts Standard 1, 2, 4; and Music.

Come step into the past and experience the Native American Culture.

Western Hayride Field Trip

7479 W. Titan Rd.
Littleton, CO 80125
(303) 791-1966

Watch a slide show and/ or a video of our opening ceremony to see what the field trip is all about.

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Stockton’s offers 2 different field trips:

  1. 1. Native American - Stockton’s Tipis

  2. 2. Western Hayride field trips

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