Horse Boarding

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Horse Boarding

Stockton’s Plum Creek Stables

Looking for the perfect place to board your horse? Look no further than Stockton’s Plum Creek Stables. Located in Littleton Colorado (just off Santa Fe and Titan Road), backs to the beautiful Chatfield State Park.

If you’re like most horse owners, your horse is one of the family and you want the best stables you can afford for your horse.

A few of the many amenities available at Stockton’s Plum Creek Stables:

  1. BulletLighted indoor arena (80.3 x 162.5)

  2. BulletTack storage

  3. BulletExclusive entrance to Chatfield State Park for trail rides

  4. BulletSpecial lesson rates for boarders

  5. Bullet24-hour access gates close at 9:00 PM

  1. Just pick from the following options (based on availability)

  2. BulletRuns with Shelters (12 x 30)

  3. BulletPasture board

  4. BulletOutdoor pens

  1. Stalls and runs are cleaned daily

  2. Water replenished and troughs cleaned as needed

  3. Feeding twice daily in runs

  4. Choice of grass hay or alfalfa in runs and stalls

  5. Grass Hay only is fed to all pasture horses - free feed

  6. Use of indoor arena, outdoor pens for riding

  7. 24-hour onsite hand

Ok, all this is great, but where do I get to ride? Stockton’s Plum Creek Stables provides you with an exclusive entrance to Chatfield State Park trail’s and Open Space and also access to the Highland Canal. You haven’t been on a trail ride till you ride on these awesome trails.

The wonderful atmosphere, affordable pricing, and the continuous, professional care of all horses will convince you that there is no better place to call home for your horse.

So what are you waiting for?

Call for current pricing and availability.

Indoor Arena

Indoor Arena



7479 W. Titan Rd.
Littleton, CO 80125
(303) 791-1966