Lessons Rates - Groups

Groups:  Our group lessons are offered through the following classes which are offered through the various rec centers as listed below.

  1. Children's Groups

  2. Register through South Suburban Parks and Recreation District, Highlands Ranch Metro district and Foothills Parks and Recreation. Western Riding; horses and tack are supplied

  3. Kiddie Corral I

  4. Ages: 5-7yrs
    Prerequisite: None
    Learn about horse behavior, grooming, feeding and enjoy riding. Focus on safety while building confidence

  5. Kiddie Corral II

  6. Ages: 5-7yrs
    Prerequisite: Kiddie Corral 1
    Building on skills learned in Kiddie Corral. With partner; groom, saddle, bridle, and learn to ride with reins. A fun obstacle 'race' at the end of class.

  1. Beginning Horsemanship

  2. Ages: 8-15yrs
    Prerequisite: None
    Horsemanship introduction for beginning horseman. Emphasizes communication, grooming, handling skills with daily demonstrations and hands on practice. Bareback riding, saddling, and the introduction of rein use.

  3. Intermediate Horsemanship

  4. Ages: 8-15yrs
    Prerequisite: Building Horsemanship
    More intensive western horsemanship for Building Horsemanship graduates. Improve ability to catch, groom, saddle, bridle and ride. Wrap-up the last day with a trail ride.

Adult and younger Groups

Stockton’s offers a “Saturday Introduction to horses” class for adults down to kids 8 years old.  Great way to learn about horses and the basics of riding.  Great way to experience riding. Offered through South Suburban Parks and Recreation District, Highlands Ranch Metro District and Foothills Parks and Recreation.  Western Riding; horses and tack are supplied - wear boots.

For Group lessons mentioned above, register as follows, hyperlink will take you to their website:

  1. (303)347-5999 - South Suburban Parks and Recreation District

  2. (720)240-5933 - Highlands Ranch Metro District

(303) 409-2511 - Foothills Parks and Recreation

For Private, Semi-Private:

(303) 791-1966 - Stockton's Plum Creek Stables